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Wills and Estates

I am happy to initiate my periodic blog about all things legal. Today’s topic under the general subject of Wills and Estates pertains to the very recent changes we have experienced with the Governor of New Jersey deciding to withdraw his office’s appeal of the decision of the Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson in Trenton New Jersey that Same Sex Marriage is a Consititutional Right in the State of New Jersey. Couples who are of the same sex once married will be treated like any other married couple. Wills which have been written to accomodate the Civil Union statute should be at least reviewed and ownership of property might also be reviewed to see if any changes should be made. For example, when it comes to New Jersey Inheritance tax, one’s spouse by marriage regardless of sex, would now be a Class A beneficiary enjoying the tax benefits accordingly.

My suggestion is to pull out those important documents which pertain to your financial situation and have a good Wills and Estates lawyer have a look.

Meanwhile, if you have just gotten married or will be married shortly, congratulations!